Welcome to Small Dog Wonders

We found all small dog’s humans doing the same things; cutting large dog treats and biscuits into smaller sizes for smaller mouths. To address this issue along with the rapidly rising epidemic of pet obesity, Small Dog Wonders created Bistro Bites®. Bistro Bites® was the precursor of the current small dog craze. In 2012 Bistro Bites® were: the first dog treat made for dogs under 10 pounds and those over 10 pounds; the first gluten-free; first sourced and manufactured in the U.S, and the first limited ingredient treat.

Today, we have turned our focus into the carrying and dispensing of training treats and small dog biscuits. What came out of our pack was the patented Treat Traveler™ to solve the problem of having to use pouches where the treats get stale, crumbly, and hard to know when you are running low of your pup’s favorite indulgences. Treat Traveler™ fits comfortably in your hand, has a silent opening, is opaque so you can see when to add more delicacies, and best of all, you don’t have to put your hand into a dark sack full of crumbs to find a treat to give to your precious pup. If you don’t want to hold on to it, it is easy to attach to the leash, fits in your pocket or put in your bag. A true benefit is that once you close the aperture, it is closed until you need to open the Treat Traveler™ again, so you don’t have to worry they will spill and your fur baby is assured to get a fresh treat every time!

All-Natural & Delicious USA-Made Dog Treats

Give your customers who have small dogs something delicious and healthy to eat. At Small Dog Wonders, we know pet owners love their little canine companions. Whether it’s a dachshund or a Shih Tzu, nothing shows your affection for your fur baby like tasty and healthy dog treats.

Our independently owned company based in Fairfax, Virginia, set out to make small breed owners’ lives easier. We created small dog treats called Bistro Bites®. These USA-made dog treats are the ideal proportion for pint-sized pups.

Nothing Beats Our Doggie Treats!

Bistro Bites® are tasty, nutritious, all-natural, American-made dog treats and biscuits containing no preservatives, gluten, grain, rice, or soy. They come in a variety of flavors and sizes, so pet owners can choose exactly the right treat for their beloved pooch. Whether you are a distributor, pet store or a proud owner of a small pup, remember the name Small Dog Wonders.