Dog Wearing Sunglasses

About Us

Small Dog Wonders is a pet product distributor that began with the simple mission to create treats and products specially made for small dogs. Our first product was Bistro Bites® made for dogs 10 pounds and under and over 10 pounds. Urban pups are often apartment dwellers, so there isn’t a lot of room for running. They are also more likely to be held while outside because of their size. This makes it harder for them to get as much exercise as needed. In addition, it’s important to not feed small breeds fatty or fast-food-type biscuits. We believe littler doggies deserve something as special as they are. That is why we created Bistro Bites®. Bistro Bites® are made from new recipes created to please a canine’s complex tastes, by using limited ingredients that are good for your precious pup.

Our most recent addition is the patented Treat Traveler™. The Treat Traveler™ is the first of its kind of tube that outfitted with a silent aperture allows for the storage and dispensing of training treats and small sized dog biscuits. No more do you need to put your hand into a black, cavernous pouch hoping to find only training treats. The Treat Traveler™ is a lightweight tube that lets you see what’s inside. No more do you need to worry how to carry your pups favorite yummies. The Treat Traveler™ can be attached to the leash, your belt loop or put in a pocket, bag, or backpack. Being a dog walker or pet sitter, the Treat Traveler™ allows you to store a variety of treats to meet the needs of the dogs in your charge. Trainers find the Treat Traveler™ a welcome way to dispense treats one at a time with no additional noise created other than a clicker or other mechanism.