Nutritional Grain-Free Dog Treats

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy RunningMost veterinary textbooks indicate that canines need virtually no carbohydrates. However, nearly all dry pet foods, a major component of most pet diets, are high in carbohydrates, low in animal protein and fats, and contain essentially no water. This results in obese and unhealthy dogs.

According to an article entitled “Gluten Intolerance and Your Pet” by respected veterinarian John B. Symes, the digestive systems of dogs cannot digest plant proteins like gluten. Dogs are built to process animal protein, and feeding them foods with gluten can result in many of the same problems that afflict their human counterparts who are sensitive to gluten. That’s why Small Dog Wonders offers gluten-free, grain-free dog treats for small breeds. Bistro Bites® will never contain grain or other fillers.

Two Options for Your Small Dog

Size and weight matter when it comes to feeding our sweet dog biscuits to your four-legged friend. Bistro Bites® are the only treats uniquely made for smaller dogs. Available in two sizes, our treats grow as your pup grows. The small size is great for puppies as well as full-grown teacup dogs and miniature breeds up to 10 pounds. Our medium treats are just perfect for doggies over 10 pounds.