Treat Traveler™ FAQ

Do you have questions about our company and our products? Read below to find out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our Treat Traveler™. Small Dog Wonders is dedicated to making items that are useful to small dog pet parents. If you have further questions about us, reach out to our company for more information.

Q. Why did you make the Treat Traveler™ when we have pouches?

A. The pouch certainly has served its purpose, but the Treat Traveler™ allows you to: dispense only what you want; handles different sized treats and biscuits; opaque body to know when to add more; keep your hands cleaner since you don’t have to put your hand inside a crumby bag.

Q. I need to store training treats and dog biscuits in one place, will the Treat Traveler™ allow this?

A. The Treat Traveler™ was designed with a moving aperture that goes from small, the best for dispensing training treats and increases in size to allow for different sizes of treats to be dispensed.

Q. I am a trainer and need the dog to hear only one sound, my clicker. What sounds does the Treat Traveler™ make?

A. Listening to trainers they explained that any other sound than their clicker would confuse the dog, so we developed the Treat Traveler™ with a silent aperture. The only noise is a faint click when opening or closing that is imperceptible but lets you know that the Treat Traveler™ is fully sealed keeping all the yummy goodness inside.