Treat Traveler™

For dogs on the go, the Treat Traveler™ is the perfect solution for carrying training treats and small biscuits. Instead of carrying a box or bag, this convenient carrying container allows for easy access as well as cleaning. Our treat container is also one of the best dog training solutions. When your pup does something well or obeys your command, simply open the container, give him a treat, and close it up. Dog walkers, sitters, and dog lovers alike will find the Treat Traveler™ a convenient way to dispense treats on the go. For trainers, Treat Traveler™ is a unique way to dispense a treat at a time and it never interferes with a clicker or other method used to train the savage beast in your small dog.

Treat Traveler™ Assorted Colors

Convenient Carrying Container for Dog Training Treats

Treat Traveler™ Dispenser OpeningWithout the Treat Traveler™, carrying treats and small biscuits gets complicated. Now, wherever you go your dog gets goodies on the go! And you enjoy the simplicity of toting them in a container that easily attaches to your belt or the leash and comes in six cool colors.

How many treats are left over? Instead of rummaging through the messy pouch, simply look through the side of the Treat Traveler™ and you will see how many treats are left. It makes things neater for you too, because you can easily monitor the number of your puppy treats without making a mess. In addition, because the container is sealed for freshness, you will not need to worry about the treats going bad.

please check out our FAQs page for more information about the Treat Traveler™.